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Quinceanera Invitations: Printed Invitations vs. Digital Invitations

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I have read in several Facebook groups related to the Quinceañera event that many moms ask what they should choose: Printed Invitations or Digital Invitations.

I must say that definitely each one has its charm, but it is clear that this time where technology is used daily, the appearance of digital invitations is taking more relevance with its ease of sending and its attractive visual and auditory presentation, since the taste of the quinceañera can use the song of her choice.

I want to share with you this table of pros and cons of each one, so that I can help you in your choice, which will depend a lot on your personal taste as well as your budget.

​1. More expensive, slow and consume more resources. 2. Rsvp managing is slow, the process to send the card and then wait for the response send it via post give you more work and stress. 3. They are not so lasting life, most of the times they don't keep them and discard them. 4. They are traditional, they have their charm and can convey the elegance of your event. 5. There are beautiful presentations of printed invitations: box, mirror, acrylic, etc. 6. They are made of high-quality paper, with a range of styles, designs, and colors to choose from. 7. Delivery time is long dependeing of the post service that you choose and you must track if all your guest got the invitation

​1.Offer a convenient and budget-friendly option. 2. Easy and fast control of your RSVP list, just using your phone.

3. As a digital file, you can keep it on your devices and differents cloud storages.

4.They are modern and tech-savvy approach. Also there are beautiful elegant designs.

5. Offer a convenient and budget-friendly option. 6. They are totally customizable matching with your theme or colors, plus audio and video effects. 7. Delivery time is fast, just in one click you can send the invitation via sms, email or social media.

No matter which option you choose, your quinceañera invitations will be unique and unforgettable. Think what you really and what really want,

Tell me, which do you prefer?

If you think that my post is helpful for others, just share it 😘


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