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10 Trending Quinceañera Party Favors

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Every detail counts in the preparation of your Quince, the sourvenirs are that delicate touch that you give to your event and that all the guests love. Personally I think that the party favors are a nice memory of that important moment in the celebration of the Quinceañera. Nowadays you can find creative designs of these tiny gifts that you give to your guests at the end of your event.

Where you can buy them? Etsy has may options and prices, also Amazon or Ali Express. Please be careful where you buy them, if you are a facebook groups member, i read on these groups that there are scams trying to get your money

Party favors help with the overall décor of the place. The favors don’t need to be expensive, but they can embellish the party and make it more fun. While a beautiful cake and expansive food selection are usually the centerpieces of a party, adding party favors around them can brighten up the place more. Just remember to make sure that the party favors complement the decorations. I want to share with you this list of the 10 most used sourvenirs in quince event.

1. Crown Pen/ Rose Gold

2. Carriage Candy Box

3. Mirror for Pocket

4. Slippers

5. Acrylic Candy box

6. Key Chain Resine

7. Jewelry Box

8. Mini Set Manicure Nail Polish

9. Aromatic Candle

10. Hand Held Mirror

Are you thinking to bring party favors on your quinceanera party? i love to read your comments!


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